Seven thrilling new indie magazines

Fraser Allen
1 min readNov 21, 2015

I just managed to get a sneak preview of seven brilliant new indie mags — these are going to be massive in 2016:

Blissful travelogues in beige from the Copenhagen arts collective of the same name. 140 pages of frou-frou vignettes in serene pastel. Also contains articles on macaroons.

Spam Javelin
Provocative Prague-based mash-up of 1970s track & field athletics, processed meat and transgender politics. Geoff Capes as you’ve never seen him before.

Bus & Mackerel
A bold montage of buses and mackerel juxtaposed against rude words found on the walls of public toilets in Altrincham. Unexpected, unsettling, important.

Folk + craft
Love this. It’s just what I’ve been looking for. A magazine about craftspeople who craft crafty things. Hat-stands, petticoats, beard grooming kits, stuff like that. Gorgeous.

Wanker v Chopsticks
Sumptuous food porn from Helsinki. Issue one, shrink-wrapped in oak-aged duck skin, features an edible asparagus-flavoured cover.

Druggy Wedding
Not actually about drugs or weddings at all. It’s about salads, seen through the lens of fashion. Looks so damned good I want to have sex with it. In fact, I have.

Hot Bull Balls
Lavishly illustrated adventures in the world of meat. Charcuterie, offal, cojones and the cleaver-wielding butchers that make it all happen. You’ll never look at a Wee Willy Winkie in the same way again.

[For other, genuinely great indie magazines, visit magCulture and Stack.]



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